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27th Jun 2013

Puckin’ hell – the Chicago Blackhawks fans celebrate their team’s incredible Stanley Cup victory in style

It's like Barca '99 and Istanbul '05 all over again

Eoghan Doherty

WARNING: This video contains an inordinate amount of high-fiving. We counted at least 937 but you might spot more.

You may remember that earlier this week the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins to win the biggest prize in ice hockey, the Stanley Cup. They did so by incredibly scoring twice in 17 seconds to turn a potential 2-1 defeat into a 3-2 win. You can check out the brilliant climax to the game here.

Footage has now emerged, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune, of a local Chicago bar absolutely jammed to the rafters with Blackhawks fans, and perfectly captures them celebrating the moment their team performed a seemingly impossible comeback.

The best bit? As everyone gets their breath back following the first goal, just look at the sheer disbelief on the faces of the punters as their team bangs in the winner, before remembering that they’re all supposed to be celebrating. Again.

Our thoughts go out to the poor guy who was under pressure to quickly rewind the tape with The Fratelli’s Chelsea Dagger on it to celebrate the brace of goals.

People still use tapes, right?

Check it out: