Record-breaking wave recorded off Donegal coast 9 years ago

Record-breaking wave recorded off Donegal coast

Surf's up? The highest wave ever recorded in Irish waters hit off the Donegal coast today, measuring 20.4 metres in height. Let's all thank those 140km/h winds, shall we?

So did you find today a tad windy? As it turned out, the most northerly tip of the country, Malin Head, experienced winds gusting at 140km/h (87mph). The result was a historic wave off the Donegal cast that came from a force ten storm.


"At 14.00 today the M4 weather buoy off the Donegal coast recorded a maximum wave height of 20.4 metres (67ft), which is the highest maximum wave recorded in Irish waters," reported Met Eireann tonight.

The wave itself was measured from a special buoy and was sent from 60 miles from the Irish coast. Amazingly, the buoy's recording, which was positioned 16km west of Rossan Point, trumped the previous wave record which was set just three hours earlier at 11am.

“There was a record wave of 20.2 metres earlier but it didn’t last very long,” continued Met Eireann. “The previous record was something like 16 metres so it’s a significant jump in magnitude.”

In response to the historic wave, Coast Guard manager Declan Geoghegan is urging citizens for safety to be a priority. "The combination of tides, forecasted gale warnings for the next day or so, high sea conditions and swollen rivers may result in very dangerous conditions," he said, while urging people to stay away from exposed cliffs and coasts.

“I would ask each and every road user to use the roads safely over the coming week," offered Noel Brett, CEO of the Road Safety Authority.

“With bad weather forecast, we need to be prepared for these severe weather conditions of stormy winds, patches of ice and snow showers. Visibility for road users is severely decreased in such weather conditions, which increases the risk of collision.

“Therefore motorists need to drive safely and slowly, and all pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists should wear high visibility clothing to give them the best chance on the road.”


Although today's conditions are expected to ease up in the coming days, there is a possibility that a second storm, currently raging over the Atlantic, may hit the south and midlands of Ireland. Best to zip up your jacket in the morning then, we reckon.