Robbie Savage reckons Manchester United should ditch 12 players. How many can you guess? 9 years ago

Robbie Savage reckons Manchester United should ditch 12 players. How many can you guess?

The player turned pundit believes there is a LOT of dead wood at Old Trafford. Has he gone too far?

In a piece on the BBC website this morning, Robbie Savage has gone through the Manchester United squad and judged whether each player should stay or go. Obviously it is easier said than done but if the Welsh man had his way, he would send a dozen players packing from Old Trafford.


Some of his selections are a bit of a surprise, others are pretty obvious, but that such a piece can even be written shows the depth of the problem facing David Moyes. Anyway, here's the dirty dozen, according to Savage.

Chris Smalling:

According to Savage, his passing is not good enough.

Alexander Buttner:


The full-back hasn't settled and Savage reckons he is simply 'not good enough'.


'Not at the level required'.

Rio Ferdinand:


'Injuries and age have caught up with him'.

Marouane Fellaini:

We thought this one was a bit harsh but according to Savage he'ss not good enough in midfield and not 'quick enough or dynamic enough' up front.



No arguments from anyone on this pick we reckon.

Ryan Giggs

Like Ferdinand, Savage reckons time has caught up with his compatriot.


'Too inconsistent'.


Ashley Young:

'Not doing enough'.

Tom Cleverley:

In Savage's opinion:  'I am not sure what he contributes and, for me, is not a Manchester United player.'

Antonio Valencia

Savage believes he has never recovered from that serious injury he had and doesn't beat the full-back often enough.

Javier Hernandez:

Another who simply isn't consistent enough for Savage's liking.

While we would disagree with Savage on a few of those, and we would give a few others some more time, it certainly is a startling read to go through the squad and see so many problems. We can see this being debated over lunch tables and bar counters for the rest of the day.