Ryan Tubridy edges closer to BBC move 10 years ago

Ryan Tubridy edges closer to BBC move

Ryan Tubridy is to do another stint for the BBC over Christmas, fuelling speculation he will leave RTE for good this time.

The Irish Independent reports today that Tubridy will cover the holidays for the popular Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2 between Christmas and New Year.


Tubridy covered Graham Norton’s weekly Saturday morning show in the summer on Radio 2 and the Beeb were impressed by his performance and his listnership figures.

With the figures for his 2FM show taking another big dive this week, and with the pressure on RTE to cut the wages of its top earners, it looks the planets are aligning to send Tubs on a one-way ticket to London.

But the man himself is well aware of the changed conditions at the state broadcaster saying: "At the time [I arrived in RTE], that was the culture, but that culture has changed. I speak to people every day on the radio who are going through the horrors, whether losing their jobs in Aviva, or being kicked out of apartments in Priory Hall. I know what's going on in the country, I know what's needed and the commitment from people like me to take a reduction in salaries," he added.

However, a wage cut may not be enough to persuade RTE to keep him. While many will be sorry to see him go, there is a growing contingent that switch off whenever Tubridy comes on their TV or radio and RTE may see this as a fine chance to off-load the broadcaster.


Interesting times ahead at Montrose.