San Marino FA complain about 'disgraceful' ITV coverage on Twitter 8 years ago

San Marino FA complain about 'disgraceful' ITV coverage on Twitter

They wouldn't be the first people to complain about ITV's football coverage, but it seems that the San Marino FA have been seriously offended by the pundits

By Adrian Collins


The lads at ITV, similar to our own guys on RTE, are no strangers to a bit of controversy, especially when they bring in Roy Keane to talk about pretty much anything.

That said, it's definitely bad PR when an international football association takes it upon themselves to start having a go at you over Twitter.

We can imagine that it's a fairly thankless task to be a footballer for San Marino in terms of results, but there's certainly pride in representing your nation, and ITV seemed to have crossed the line with their joking about the team, which has offended the lads at the San Marino FA.

They were so upset that they had more than just one go at them on Twitter, sending out a few different tweets saying that they were showing a lack of respect.

They didn't stop there though, eventually tagging in ITV Sport themselves, and even the English FA, calling on them to get involved and do something about the insulting coverage.


So far the lads at ITV Sport haven't responded, but the San Marino account doesn't have the official tick yet, so they might be waiting for confirmation on that front. They've certainly lost a few fans in San Marino either way!