So Supermac's has gotten the seal of approval from Fox News 6 years ago

So Supermac's has gotten the seal of approval from Fox News

They might not have known which horse to back in the US Presidential election but when it comes to picking somewhere to get a snack box, Fox News got it right.

An Irish institution has been getting some props in the US and it’s the perfect answer to those of who think Fox News talks rubbish ALL the time.

On the Fox News website a few weeks back they listed 10 fast-food restaurants around the world that ‘you haven’t heard of but you should have’.

And in amongst places in Germany and Singapore sits the one and only Supermac’s.

Here’s what Fox had to say:

Founded by school teacher Pat McDonagh in Galway, Ireland, in 1978, Supermac’s has more than 100 locations in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company claims to have pioneered curry chips and the snack box craze in Ireland. Supermac’s menu has burgers, chicken sandwiches, cod and chips, and eight different varieties of french fries, including coleslaw, taco, curry, and cheese fries.

Speaking to the Galway Independent Pat McDonagh called it “a great honour” and we can now expect to see our local Supermac’s crowded with curious tourists. From the red states only, though.