Video: So what exactly did John Terry say to Anton Ferdinand? 10 years ago

Video: So what exactly did John Terry say to Anton Ferdinand?

Another weekend, another alleged racial slur in the Premier League. John Terry has said that he is "saddened" by claims that he used a racial slur against Anton Ferdinand - here's the incident.

An online firestorm erupted last night after footage from yesterday's surprise 1-0 Chelsea defeat to QPR appeared to show England and Chelsea skipper John Terry use a racial slur against QPR's Anton Ferdinand. The clip, featured above, shows an agitated Terry exclaiming in Ferdinand's direction following a referee's decision.


The content of what was said by Terry is a matter of speculation, although the uploader of the above video, which was received 27,000 views since yesterday evening, put his own spin on things, adding an annotation in which the defender says "Anton you f***ing black c***... f***ing nobhead", which admittedly lines up pretty well if you're lip reading.

However, plenty have defended the 30-year-old by stating that he appears to instead call the QPR defender a "blind c***", rather than "black". However, the picture has since been muddied by an official statement by Terry, in which he admits "I thought Anton was accusing me of using a racist slur against him. I responded aggressively, saying that I never used that term."

In an official statement, Terry goes on to state: ""I would never say such a thing, and I'm saddened that people would think so.

"I have known Anton for a long time and spoke to him about it after the game and there was no problem between us.

"I congratulated him on their win. He has not accused me of any wrongful remark. It was clear it was all a misunderstanding at the time.

"After the result today, I am saddened to be dealing with these wrongful allegations."

So what exactly did Terry say? You can be the judge by having a gander at the clip above.


Update: The YouTube video has since been removed, but here's one from the lads at The Guardian across the way: