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Someone is selling haunted car parts from Ryan Dunn's fatal car crash
You can find a lot of weird stuff on Craigslist like 'haunted car parts from Ryan Dunn's fatal car crash'.

One of the biggest shocks of 2011 was the passing of Jackass star Ryan Dunn. It really came from nowhere. Dunn and a passenger were killed after Dunn’s Porsche 911 GT3 smashed into a tree at speeds of up to 130mph and now someone is trying to sell parts from the crash site.

A lot of people went to the crash site to see the wreckage for themselves, and some even collected whatever the CSI guys didn’t take with them. This included car parts – or parts of car parts, to be more precise.

The ad on Craigslist reads as follows:

A week after the accident I went to the accident and scooped up minor parts I saw lying on the ground. The parts are all remotely tiny, and all fit in a shoebox.

I don't want them anymore because weird shit has happened since I put it under my bed.

I guess it's because it's a weird thing to have, but I was a huge Jackass fan and thought it would be a cool something to have.

If you want proof they are his parts, I have pictures of the crash site I took myself.

It’s a bit of a strange sell, but even stranger is the ‘weird shit’ that has happened as of late.

What weird shit has been happening? Is it because of the Ryan Dunn car parts? Or is the guy catholic and currently feeling an un-Godly sense guilt for what he’s done, so he's trying to offload the bad luck on to someone else? Who knows?


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