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Strip club launches aftershave to put wives and girlfriends off the scent
A strip club has launched a range of aftershaves aimed at giving men alibies as to their whereabouts just in case their other half asks them where they've been.

A strip club in South Africa has launched a range of aftershaves aimed at giving men alibies as to their whereabouts should their beloved wife/fiancé/girlfriend ask them where they’ve been.

The idea of the aftershave, which is cleverly called ‘Alibi,’ is to recreate the smells of locations that are commonly cited by men when they lie to their other halves about where they’ve been.

Metro reports that the Alibi range claims to cover the…uh…smells of the strip club by using scents associated with more innocent activities. For example the ‘My Car Broke Down’ aftershave recreates the smell of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel. Sounds legit. Whereas the ‘I Was Working Late’ aftershave contains the scents of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink. Disgusting aftershave - clearly a fool-proof way to dampen your other half's suspicions.

The fragrances cost around €29 a bottle and Mavericks, the club which created the scents, has said that it has been swamped with orders from countries all over the world.

“Men seem desperate to get their hands on this stuff,” said Shane Harrison, the owner of the strip club.

Apparently people would actually wear an aftershave that smells like burnt rubber. We wonder why they wouldn't just take a shower instead?


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