Stunning Autoglass video presents futuristic vision of windscreens 10 years ago

Stunning Autoglass video presents futuristic vision of windscreens

A stunning video that envisions the ‘windshield of 2020’ has become a huge viral hit for car-windscreen repair company Autoglass.

The two minute clip has recieved close to 100,000 views since it was first uploaded on May 19 and with good reason – as it offers a glimpse of an augmented reality HUD to display an arsenal of useful features.


Everything from speed camera warnings, speed control, the positions of civilians (not target reticules for cyclists, however) and an automatic dial once the windshield has been compromised.

The information displayed is utilised due to a combination of augmented reality, visual sensors and GPS technology to provide, according to Autoglass’ clip upload description ‘live, visual information about the places and hazards around them’.

Dr Chris Davies, head of technical research at Autoglass, says of their plans: "Both glass and augmented reality technology are nearing a point where the windscreen can work harder to improve road safety, awareness and driving in general"

Most astonishingly, the technology used in the clip does exist today, however, it is thought that it will not be used in an extensive fashion or at an agreeable price until around 2020. Take a look at the clip below – although it looks like a video game, this really could be the future of driving.