Swedes organise first human safari 10 years ago

Swedes organise first human safari

Lording wealth over poorer people in society has to be the height of ignorance. But a Swedish group organising safaris for posh kids to run down areas of Stockholm obviously doesn't think so.

The Swedes don't have any jungles or a savannas. So, instead of trekking off to Africa they've decided to create their own versions.


This safari starts in downtown Stockholm, then goes past an immigrant suburb that doesn't have a great reputation. From there it heads back out to one of the most well-off and posh areas in the country.

The title for this supreme display of rudeness is being called... the Upper Class Safari. If you're not expressing disbelief by now then you must be considering taking a trip to Sweden.

A group called 'Everything for Everybody' arranged the trip for more than 50 people. They say it's to: "highlight the class differences in Sweden".

"The purpose of the trip was to discuss and experience the class segregation of Sweden. We feel that class issues aren’t being discussed at all today when politicians speak about different social problems,” said the organiser, Shabane Barot.


So maybe the reason behind it is good, but I'd imagine the execution would leave a little to be desired for most sane people.