The best CV you will see this year... 7 years ago

The best CV you will see this year...

It’s tough out there in the jobs market so one enterprising Irish lad decided to try something a little different with his CV.

Twenty-six-year old UCD graduate Jordan McDonnell had a job in the financial services industry in the Netherlands. But he fancied a change so he started to apply for jobs more creative fields. However, a lack of experience was holding him back.

Jordan then hit on the idea to create a ‘non-CV’ CV in a bid to showcase what he could do.

The slide-show, which you can see above, was uploaded to the website Slideshare and has since gone viral, netting Jordan replies from all over the world so he should soon be able to pick and choose his next job.

Clever fella.

Hat-tip to The Journal for spotting the CV.