The world's most powerful leader is... 'Nobody'? 9 years ago

The world's most powerful leader is... 'Nobody'?

According to a list of the 'world's most powerful leaders' the Russian president Vladimir Putin sits in second place while 'Nobody' came first. We wonder where he's from?

A list of the world’s top 10 most powerful leaders has been put together, but the no.1 spot might not contain the person you’d expect. You might expect to see Barack Obama or Angela Merkel sitting in pole position, but the top spot has actually been given to ‘Nobody’. In fairness, 'nobody' would probably be better than half of the world's leaders.


International political think-tank Eurasia Group wanted to find out who the world’s most powerful leader currently is, but as it turns out, there’s no one willing to take the weight of the world’s problems on their shoulders and that’s why they left the top spot empty - the leaders are too busy dealing with local problems.

The group defined ‘power’ as "a measure of an individual's ability to (singlehandedly) bring about change that significantly affects the lives and fortunes of large numbers of people". Apparently, Putin was given the no.2 spot thanks to “Russia's personalised system,” and the influence the country wields in regional affairs.

This is how the list stands:

1. Nobody
2. Vladimir Putin - President of Russia
3. Ben Bernanke - Federal Reserve Chairman
4. Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany
5. Barack Obama - President of the United States of America
6. Mario Draghi - President of the European Central Bank
7. Xi Jinping - Leader of China
8 (tie). Ayatollah Khamenei - Supreme Leader of Iran
8 (tie). Christine Lagarde - Managing Director of the IMF
10. King Abdullah Bin Abd al-Aziz - Ruler of Saudi Arabia