This festival of sport & physical activity is coming to Dublin city in a few weeks 3 years ago

This festival of sport & physical activity is coming to Dublin city in a few weeks

Brought to you by Dublin Sportsfest

It ain't easy staying fit in the city.


It's incredibly easy to fall into a bad routine when you live and/or work in the city centre. Your commute probably takes up a lot of your day, and when you get home there's nothing better than just crashing on the couch.

Whether you're looking to break out of that routine or simply improve your current fitness levels, it's important that you set out what you want to achieve. With your head in the right place, you'll soon be getting a lot more involved in sporting activities.

That's what the Dublin Sportsfest is for. From 23 to 30 September, the first ever Sportsfest will bring together people from all over Dublin city with an interest in everything from team sports to athletics and cycling. Whatever way you prefer to keep fit, there will be something here to sink your teeth into.

What to expect

You'll find everything from professional badminton coaching sessions to GAA club showcases over the week. We'd be here all day if we went through every event that's on the schedule, but trust us when we say there will be something for everyone.


It's all part of a plan to get more people in Dublin city actively interested in sports, as well as staying fit in general. There will be several events throughout the week giving you advice on how to become more active, and you'll get to meet plenty of people along the way.

Whether you're looking to improve your overall fitness with a daily walk or take your first steps towards getting into a new sport, there will be people there from dozens of different clubs who would be more than happy to talk to you. A special shoutout to "jugger" as well, which is a fusion of the rules of both fencing and rugby!

To find out more about this event or what else is in the pipeline, head to their Twitter and Facebook. Dublin Sportsfest is organised in association with Dublin City Council, as well as Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership.

Brought to you by Dublin Sportsfest