Thousands show their support for topless tobogganing contest 5 years ago

Thousands show their support for topless tobogganing contest

Around 5,000 people showed up for the annual topless tobogganing contest in Altenberg, Germany as contestants stripped off for the top(less) prize.

Extreme sports fans, nudists and perverts alike all lined a frozen raceway over the weekend to see some semi-naked people tobogganing for a €1,000 grand prize. Sounds like good fun.

Thirteen men and twelve women took part in the event that saw competitors racing down a 100-metre slope in sub-zero temperatures.

Former German male model and hair stylist Nico Schwanz came first in the men's section while Annett Schnadelbach, 30, skated in first to win the women’s trophy.

"It was freezing out there and you feel like you're going very, very fast because of the wind whistling through every bit of your body," said Ms Schnadelbach.

"But it was certainly fun warming up again afterwards." We're sure it was.


You can find some more NSFW images of the event over here.

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