Top five moments from the Late Late Toy Show 6 years ago

Top five moments from the Late Late Toy Show

There's only one day left until the most watched show on Irish TV is back, so we've decided to whet your appetite with the top five moments from the Late Late Toy Show.

Watching the Late Late Toy Show with the family all huddled around the TV is an Irish Christmas tradition, just as much as the turkey and ham dinner. Every year you’re pretty much guaranteed that something memorable will happen, so here are the top five moments to come from the Late Late Toy Show.

5. Junior Culchie of the year

When young Mark McSharry from Co. Cavan first rolled out onto the studio floor we knew we in for a treat. Driving out on a mini-motorised toy tractor, you could only assume that 'aul Mark hailed from the countryside and wouldn’t you know it, he was actually the ‘Junior Culchie of the Year’.

4. The one and only girl who does not like Justin Bieber

This little girl made an appearance on last year’s Toy Show and we think she may be the only girl in the world who does not like Justin Bieber. She says it plain and simply, “It’s ‘cus he’s so full of himself”. She’s definitely got a bright future ahead of her...

3. Awkward chat with Pat and Seinfeld

In one of the more awkward clips to ever come from the Late Late Toy Show we see the American comedian Jerry Seinfeld talking to Pat Kenny about the animated move Bee Movie. But in typical Pat Kenny fashion he mispronounced Jerry’s name and then proceeds to give him a cheap Superman toy. Now, you have to remember that Jerry is an avid Superman fan and probably has a life-sized statue at home. So you can forgive him for not getting excited over Pat’s pressy.

2. Fashion savvy Douglas

If you’re looking for a kid who oozes confidence and has a better TV persona than Tubridy himself, then look no further than Douglas who came out and stole the show back in 2010. We have to agree with Ryan when he says we’ll probably be seeing Douglas again in the future.

1. John Joe the horologist

The ultimate Toy Show moment on our list, and possibly the ultimate moment of all time, has to when little John Joe Brennan told us all about Roald Dahl and his own fascination with clocks. Now, we like to think we know what we’re talking about here in JOE, but little John Joe surprised everyone with his astounding ability to critique a Roald Dahl classic… and Ryan’s watch.