Top stories on JOE today 9 years ago

Top stories on JOE today

We're still holding out hope that O'Driscoll might be back in the squad yet, but in the meantime Robbie Keane is taking a very dodgy looking dive

6. Was Nicholas Anelka happy to be signing for West Brom? You can have a look and decide for yourself


5:  Dan Lydiate tried, but failed, to keep the Tullow Tank's arse out of his face at Lions training

4: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ciaran McDonald was right footed?

3. Robbie Keane won a last minute penalty with a fairly dodgy looking dive last night

2: South Korean team score a fantastic goal by accident, and then score an own goal on purpose to make up for it


1. Don't get your hopes up, it looks as if those O'Driscoll return rumours are false

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