Two thirds of Irish people are fat 11 years ago

Two thirds of Irish people are fat

If you’re not fat then chances are, the two people sitting either side of you are – two thirds of Irish people are chubbers, it has emerged.

The news has prompted Safefood to launch a string of TV ads aimed at getting people to stop living like slobs by stating that women should make sure their waists don’t exceed 32 inches while men should keep below the 37 inch mark.


However, Safefood’s attempts to encourage people to be slim and healthy hasn’t gone down well with Irish eating disorder group Bodywhys.

In fact, spokesperson Ruth Ni Eidhin said telling people how to life a more healthy lifestyle could, in fact, be unhealthy.

“People are feeling upset, embarrassed and stigmatised. They are then more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviour,” she said.

Does this mean we shouldn’t jiggle their wobbly bellies or pinch their big chubby cheeks?