Video: American economist destroys Michael Noonan on TV 9 years ago

Video: American economist destroys Michael Noonan on TV

Michael Noonan is powerless over his own stupidity, but not on how bankers get paid. That's according to Max Keiser who recently had a rant about our own Minister... Have a listen above.


In this clip from the news network Russia Today, the American economist Max Keiser (sound familiar?) lambasts Michael Noonan calling him a “social misfit” and saying that he should be removed from office immediately. Would you agree?

The clip was actually recorded back in November, but Max’s feelings towards the Minister for Finance are surely being felt by the rest of country, especially since last week’s Budget.

Now, while you might not agree with everything Max has to say, he certainly raises some good points. Make sure to have a listen if you’re heading home on the bus and let us know what you think of what Max has to say.

Hat tip to Ron Marconi for sending this in via JOE’s Facebook page.