Video: Argentina's 'Strictly Come Dancing' features first-ever nude contestant 8 years ago

Video: Argentina's 'Strictly Come Dancing' features first-ever nude contestant

As anyone that's ever watched just a few minutes of South American telly will tell you, anything goes on live TV. Including a contestant stripping fully naked on their 'Strictly Come Dancing' equivalent.

The contestant in question, Cinthia Fernandez, was a contestant on Bailando por un Sueño, the Argentine equivalent of Strictly Comes Dancing, though perhaps her performance would be better described as 'Striptly Come Dancing', as she was completely starkers at the end of her performance.

The contestant came out alongside her dance partner to the accompaniment of Beyonce and Shakira's 'Beautiful Liar' and performed a raunchy routine that ended up with her covered in oil and completely stripped. And her proud parents were watching in the front row.

The former Argentinian Big Brother contestant has since sought to downplay the controversy by saying that she got wine in her eye mid-performance and wasn't sure which way she was facing when she performed the last of her garments. What's the Argentine term for 'gullible', anyone?

Take a look at the shameful but obviously fantastic clip above and don't worry, it's been censored and is safe for work.