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11th Jun 2014

Video: Brazilian model Adriana Lima stars in one of the sexiest ads we’ve seen for the World Cup so far…

Hatchi matchi!


Hatchi matchi!

Here at JOE Towers we love the World Cup for many reasons. There are the fantastic footballing skills on display of course, along with Bill and the boys dispensing their wonderful words of wisdom throughout the duration of the tournament. One of JOE’s favourite features of any football tournament, however, are the incredible ads produced by companies who are (probably not literally) sh*tting money all over our TV screens.

In recent days we’ve already had Nike’s awesome animated spectacle, as well as this brilliant Beats broadcast, and now car manufacturer Kia has employed the fine features of Brazilian model Adriana Lima to help convince baseball-loving US fans of the joys of football.

“For one month, let’s all be fútbol fans.” Yes Adriana, let’s. She certainly makes a convincing argument, doesn’t she?

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