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21st Jul 2013

Video: Chelsea’s Kevin de Bruyne suffers a nasty-looking injury

Kevin de Bruyne suffered a very nasty looking injury today in Chelsea's game in Malaysia


Kevin de Bruyne suffered a very nasty-looking injury today in Chelsea’s game in Malaysia

The young star has been putting in a few fantastic displays during their preseason tour, and was capping of another fine game in a Chelsea shirt with a great goal when he came down awkwardly on his ankle, twisting it badly.

At first in the video the injury doesn’t seem that bad, but as you get to the 50 second mark, you can see the full effect of the landing from a few different angles, and it makes for unpleasant viewing indeed.

Luckily, it seems there was no serious damage, and he even gingerly walked back to the bench later on in the game to sit with his team mates, so hopefully he’s back and fit soon enough.