Video: Finally! Kolo Toure does the 'Toure Brothers' chant 9 years ago

Video: Finally! Kolo Toure does the 'Toure Brothers' chant

Seems like half the world has done the 'Toure' chant at this stage and now half of the brothers have joined the craze.

From Laos, to Newcastle, to Sligo the chant of the year has to be the Toure Brothers chant. Brilliantly simple, which is why it is a favourite of large crowds of people who may have had a drink or two, it celebrates Kolo and Yaya Toure by repeatedly saying their name. As we said, it is simple, but very memorable in every sense of the word.


Anyway, at last, we have footage of one of the brothers, Liverpool defender Kolo, doing the chant. Organised by Liverpool's kit supplier Warrior, it's not a bad rendition, but Yaya is completely ignored this one.

Over to you Manchester City, before we get the inevitable video of both brothers doing it at the World Cup next year.

Hat-tip to Stephen McLoughney for the tip off