Video: The Hardy Bucks' Viper plays Modern Warfare 3 10 years ago

Video: The Hardy Bucks' Viper plays Modern Warfare 3

The Hardy Bucks' very own Francis 'Viper' Higgins has become an Irish YouTube sensation after posting his own hilarious commentary for his globe-trotting exploits for Modern Warfare's online multiplayer.


Since November 13, the Hardy Bucks' official YouTube account have begun posting their own video miniseries detailing the exploits of the Viper playing the biggest video game of the year. As they explains, it's "Viper's mini series which takes us around the world on mystery tour. Of death."

Surprisingly, he's not too bad when it comes to online multiplayer and unsurprisingly, his unique takes on the globe-spanning environments of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are hilarious.

The Viper's latest, Higgins' adventures on the game's 'Africa' map is no exception so take a look at the clip, which was just posted tonight, in the above link. As you can see below, the Viper has previous experience tearing both the English and French capitals to shreds:

The Viper in Paris


The Viper in London

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