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29th Aug 2014

Video: Heckler abuses player at Dublin charity match, player responds with amazing goal from the halfway-line

That’s one way to shut him up.

Conor Heneghan

That’s one way to shut him up.

Players love few things better than sticking it to the doubters in the crowd and that’s as true in amateur football at all levels as it is at the very top of the world game.

Mark Bushell got the chance to do just that at a Make A Wish Charity game for Ross Cummins in Dublin recently, sending a ferocious strike to the top corner from the halfway line seconds after his methods had been questioned by a heckler in the crowd (we’re led to believe it was Gerry Reid) who wasn’t shy in letting his feelings be known.

The match itself took place last month but thanks to the lads at the Junior Soccer Portal we’re only after seeing it now and we think you’ll agree it’s well worth of further exposure.

What have you got to say for yourself now Gerry?

Video via YouTube/Terry Healy

Hat-tip to the lads at the Junior Soccer Portal for sending this one our way