Video: Irish fans celebrate Sexton's second try against France in absolutely brilliant fashion 9 years ago

Video: Irish fans celebrate Sexton's second try against France in absolutely brilliant fashion

Sheer unadulterated joy...

Wow, what a weekend.


A nation can finally relax and collectively exhale now that we all know the fantastic result from Ireland's championship-winning match against France at the weekend but, for a while, it was certainly touch and go. As RTÉ commentator Ryle Nugent brilliantly observed, "this match is hanging by a knife-edge" – undoubtedly JOE's favourite new sporting phrase.

We're sure that we're not the only ones who felt completely battered and bruised just watching the incredible finale on Saturday afternoon and, in a superb scene that was no doubt typical of tens of thousands of homes across the country, this particular group of of Irish fans tensely watched their battling heroes. The lads in question were unable to sit down and knew that the more they shouted "come on Ireland!", the better the team would do; it's a scientific fact.

There are too many beautiful moments to mention in this short clip, but some particular highlights are the moment (0.06) that the lad in the Ireland jersey does an excited little on-the-spot shimmy, exactly like your dog does when they know they're about to be taken for a walk.

We also have to admire the moment (0.07) that the more reserved member of the group quietly places reassuring hands on the fans either side of him, entirely relaxed as he oozes complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that yes, yes, yes, Johnny has successfully crossed the white line.


Our favourite moment (0.26), however, is that incredible celebratory, slow-motion fist pump in the air as Sexton places the ball on the ground to claim the try.

Jaysus Chrisht, what an occasion.

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Watch as YouTuber Kevin Sammon brilliantly captures the moment that "Sexton's second try sends the lads into slow-motion!"


Ah, what a moment, not unlike that morning that Santa got you that N64 you always wanted...