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01st Sep 2013

Video: Irish hurler shows his skills off around the globe

You can take the man out of Ireland…


You can take the man out of Ireland…

Colm O Méalóid might have been travelling around the world, but he just couldn’t leave the hurley and sliothar behind him.

Colm took in some of the most well known spots on the globe, from the Grand Canyon to Alcatraz and many other places in between as he travelled to eight countries during his 10 month trek.

And just because he was away from home didn’t mean his hurling skills would be a little rusty as the video proves, with his final destination the Donaghmore Ashbourne club in Meath.

Only three sliothars were used in the production of this video, which is quite an achievement in itself!

Hat-tip tip to Emma Tormey on Facebook for sending this our way.