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05th Jul 2013

Video: Is Nicolas Anelka happy to be at West Brom? Judge for yourself

He didn’t earn the nickname ‘Le Sulk’ for nothing.


He didn’t earn the nickname ‘Le Sulk’ for nothing.

Yesterday, West Brom were very pleased to announce that French striker Nicolas Anelka had signed on a one-year deal. After a loan spell at Juventus last season, the 34-year-old was a free agent and the Baggies snapped him up. We’re looking forward to seeing him hooking up with our own Shane Long.

But the former Chelsea man didn’t seem too pleased with the move himself yesterday, at least if this official West Brom video is anything to go by. Not even a hint of a smile plays across Anelka’s lips as he holds up his new 39 shirt.

Perhaps, after 12 signings to 11 different clubs (he played for PSG twice), he’s just bored by the entire ‘hold the jersey and smile’ routine and just skipped the second part of the cliché.

By the way, the very jaunty music WBA added to the video only adds to the hilarity of it.