Video: Liam and Eamon argue over Trap’s salary, then become best friends 9 years ago

Video: Liam and Eamon argue over Trap’s salary, then become best friends

As if often the case with Ireland matches these days, the post-match analysis was far more entertaining than what happened on the pitch.


After the Boys in Green suffered a 1-0 defeat to Austria that definitively put an end to any slim chance we had of qualifying for the World Cup next summer, the discussion inevitably turned to Giovanni Trapattoni and his future or lack thereof as Ireland manager.

Even Brady, Trap’s staunchest ally in the past, is resigned to the fact that we will be on the lookout for a new boss sooner rather than later, but he still stuck up for the Italian when Eamon Dunphy brought up the issue of the fairly lucrative salary he has earned during his time at the helm (see video above).

As if often the case, facts took a back seat for the sake of the debate – Eamon claimed at one stage that wildly successful Spanish coach Vincente del Bosque earns approximately €100,000 per annum – but as usual it was highly entertaining stuff and although they were at each other’s throats for a bit, they kissed and made up when Eamon came out with a killer line about wanting Liam to defend him if he ever faced a life sentence.


We didn’t see it on screen, but RTE insiders suggest that following that heartwarming exchange, Liam and Eamon also had a heart to heart similar to the one below shortly afterwards.

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