Video: Lithuanian team-mates have an on-pitch dust-up 8 years ago

Video: Lithuanian team-mates have an on-pitch dust-up

Eat your heart out Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer.


Not all team-mates get along, but these Lithuanian players take serious umbrage with eachother on the pitch and there will have been a shiner or two resulting the following morning.

Dainava Alytus are a side in the Lithuanian top-flight, but their form at the moment makes Sunderland look like a Champions League contender. They lost at home to Banga recently, their fifth defeat on the bounce and frustrations grew the better of Deividas Padaigis and Titas Vitukynas.

After the pair attempted to knock eachother’s lights out, the game was halted and the two men sent for early baths, separately we presume.

And there was nothing we could do about the horrendous music, out of our control.


Hat-tip to 101greatgoals.

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