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Video: Man does brilliant Arnold Schwarzenegger impression while driving around town
Comedian does brilliant and hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger impression as he drives around town.

Everyone has a number one Arnold Schwarzenegger quote and we’re all pretty sure we can do a spot on impression of the giant man – “It’s not a toomah!!” is a personal favourite here at JOE.

By Eoghan Doherty

There was this Australian news anchor last week, and now Canadian actor and comedian Will Sasso has taken it to the next level, as he recorded himself driving round his home-town pretending he was Arnie out for a leisurely drive.

Highlights include pretending to pull over a cop car, attempting to woo attractive ladies by the side of the road and finding himself on the named-after-dicks Dicks Street.

We can only hope and wish that this is EXACTLY the way the ex-Governator drives around town, doing impressions of himself and delivering quotes from his own films in some sort of mixed-up meta magical way. All while singing along to 'Sweet Caroline'.

Next time we’re in a multi-storey car park we’re  definitely going to pretend it’s a (in best Arnie voice) “movie set alien space station maze killing aliens, PEOW! PEOW!”

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