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Video: Neymar and rally driver Ken Block star in this pretty fantastic World Cup ad
It's Neymar vs. a car at football, who will win?


It's Neymar vs. a car at football, who will win?

We all know that, with the World Cup coming up in his home country, Neymar is going to be appearing in a hell of a lot of ads in the coming months, but this one from Castrol is pretty fantastic we must admit.

It also features Ken Block, one of the best drivers around, as the two face off in a game of "footkhana" to answer the question we've all been asking since the young Brazilian first exploded on to the scene a few years back: "yeah he's good, but is he better than Blocksy driving a car around a parking lot trying to hit a ball?".

Of course, it features the same iconic song from the Brazil Nike ad from the airport all those years back, Sérgio Mendes' 'Mais que Nada'. Tune, to be fair.


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