Video: On his birthday, here’s 10 of Kobe Bryant’s best plays 7 years ago

Video: On his birthday, here’s 10 of Kobe Bryant’s best plays

The Laker legend turns 35 today, so here’s the top 10 plays of his career so far.

As he wakes up to his 35th birthday today, Kobe Bryant is still working on fixing a torn Achilles that ended his season early four months ago.


For normal people, an Achilles injury can have them out for up to nine months but we wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe is back in action for the season tip off on October 29. Because Kobe isn’t normal.

Ridiculously competitive, the guard has been a superstar ever since he entered the NBA as a 17-year old in 1996. Able to go over, through or around you, Kobe became on of the game's great winners, capable of single handedly taking over a game and grabbing the win. And even as his athletic prowess has dimmed a bit with time, he is still the go to man in crunh time.

In his 17 seasons he has racked up five NBA titles, 15 All Stars and he is already one of the greatest LA Lakers ever, alongside Magic and Kareem.

The NBA put together this highlight reel a few months back, but on this special day, it is well worth another watch, especially to remind us just how athletic the young Kobe was.

Get well soon Black Mamba.