Video: Roy Keane was in fine form for ITV this evening 9 years ago

Video: Roy Keane was in fine form for ITV this evening

It's awful unusual for Roy Keane to be expressing an opinion...


After a very disappointing night for Manchester United fans, Roy Keane was in no mood to be too nice either to the Premier League or to poor aul Michael Carrick, as he was his usual opinionated self on ITV's coverage after the match.

He stated that people had been "brainwashed" into believing that the Premier League was the best league in the world, something which he argued Manchester United's performance proved was false, and after Michael Carrick gave a pretty bland and slightly shell shocked interview, he had this to say:

Adrian Chiles did do his best to get Keane to maybe have a go at Fergie, but he dodged it and decided to have a go at a few of the players who he said weren't good enough, before adding that it wasn't their fault as they're being picked for United and can only do their best.


He certainly seemed to capture some of the mood of the Manchester United fans tonight after another disappointing loss, and judging by the comments on Twitter, his opinion that the Premier League isn't all it's cracked up to be is a popular one.