Video: Sheamus' 'Dublin Street Fight' WWE bout is a must see 9 years ago

Video: Sheamus' 'Dublin Street Fight' WWE bout is a must see

There's nothing like a good old fashioned Dublin street fight, complete with potatoes and beer kegs, to get Sheamus in the mood for a scrap


On Friday night, Sheamus took on Sandow in a match for the ages, not because there was some fantastic technical wrestling, but because it was a good old-fashioned Irish street fight.

Michael Cole and JBL were on top form with their commentary references, including a shout out to the Late Late as well as the iconic Live at 3. Top marks all round we have to say.

As the commentators note right at the start, Sheamus apparently thinks that the ring setup reminded him of the street he was brought up on. We've never been to that part of Cabra ourselves.

It took less than a minute and a half for the lads to get a mention of Guinness in, and Sheamus himself got into the spirit of things by using a bag of potatoes as a weapon, before chowing down on a spud.


Disappointingly however, the video doesn't feature any pre-match smack talk, which we're convinced must have included the phrase “are ya startin'?”

Hat-tip to the lads at World Irish for the video