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25th Jul 2014

Video: Stephen Cluxton was the big loser in Dublin’s Dunk Tank Challenge

The goalkeeper couldn't save himself from a soaking here...

Joe Harrington

The goalkeeper couldn’t save himself from a soaking here…

We all know that team bonding and building team spirit is very important for any top sports team and there’s various methods of doing it. You’d hear of teams going off on warm-weather training camps, turning turf,  playing golf, go-karting etc to build camaraderie but the Dublin footballers have tried something different.

The rarely seen but much-loved Dunk Tank made an appearance in Parnell Park the other day as the All Ireland Champions took part in an accuracy challenge with a twist.

The first quarter final was between Team Bastick and Team Cluxton and here’s what happened…

To be fair, you can’t count Bastick’s dip because the ball didn’t hit the button and Cluxton’s was spot on, pedant alert! Also, we’re not sure Jim Gavin should be shown this because of some of the shooting is just woeful.

YouTube Credit: Official Dublin GAA.