Video: The new Nike ‘Dare to be Brasilian’ ad is Brazil-iant 9 years ago

Video: The new Nike ‘Dare to be Brasilian’ ad is Brazil-iant

Definitely up there with the ad in the airport made by the Brazilian team before the 1998 World Cup.


Fair play to the lads in the Nike advertising department, they consistently come up with some brilliant ideas when it comes to their football ads and their latest effort is no different.

Off the top of their head, most football fans will be able to recall the aforementioned airport ad, the one where a host of top players stage a daring mission to rescue a ball from a high-security building and another one featuring a series of matches in a cage, which was brilliantly parodied on Aprés Match, of course.

Their latest effort concentrates solely on the Brazilian team to promote the release of their new home kit ahead of the World Cup in the country next summer and while it features the usual dose of ridiculous skill by some of Brazil’s most talented footballers, it also imagines Thiago Silva as a 1930s gangster, David Luiz as a quite scary looking comic book superhero and Neymar embarrassing as many people on the beach as he routinely does on the pitch.

Nike work.


Video via YouTube/Nike Football