Well, it's official. Irish people are the randiest in Europe... 9 years ago

Well, it's official. Irish people are the randiest in Europe...

Wipe that dirty smirk off your face, we know what you’re thinking! How? Eh…well…we’re probably thinking the exact same thing…

The Irish Daily Star reports today that Irish people think about sex more than any other European nation. Oh yes.


As a country we have a collective mind that is set firmly on one track – a naughty, freaky track. But the good news is that you’re not alone in your sordid thoughts – we’re all doing it. Even the female folk.

So when your girlfriend accuses you of being vulgar, there’s a very good chance that she’s actually thinking about the same things. Shocking.

According to a new sex survey, Irish men and women think about getting down and dirty 3.68 times a day. That’s more than our UK neighbours, who only manage rude thoughts about 3.6 times on a daily basis and our European counterparts, who can only muster up the energy for filthy imaginings around 2.86 times in any given day.

What are we thinking about specifically? Well doing the deed in a car, on the beach, in the bath or taking part in a threesome…the list goes on…


The survey revealed that Irish men think about sex slightly more than Irish women (surprise, surprise). The boys let dirty fantasies cross their minds at least 5.48 times a day.

Meanwhile Irish women indulge in nasty thoughts around 1.73 throughout their day. It may not seem like a lot, but this is the highest number across the continent.

The survey concluded that when it comes to sex, we’re pretty much obsessed. But then again, we didn’t really need a survey to tell us that now did we?