What now for the 'Chosen One' banner? It might be headed to a museum 8 years ago

What now for the 'Chosen One' banner? It might be headed to a museum

There is also one for sale online, yours for a bargain £1,000.

With David Moyes now history, the most famous banner of the season will have to find a new home.


The 'Chosen One' banner was erected at Old Trafford to herald Moyes' appointment by Ferguson but it soon became a stick with which to beat the under-fire boss. At one stage stewards had to protect it from fans who wanted to remove it but it is definitely out of the stadium now.

But what sort of life awaits? Well the BBC contacted the owners of the banner, the Stretford End Flags group, and they are considering donating it to the UK's National Football Museum. They do add that donating it is just one option being discussed.

The Museum response, given to the Beeb, wasn't that welcoming.

"Every object within our collection needs to fit within our strict collections guidelines," they said.


"We are offered objects on a regular basis and, while we are always grateful for these offers, we often have to decline for reasons of space and because it doesn't fit within our guidelines."

So that's a no then.

In other banner news (yes, there is more banner news) a 'Chosen One' banner is for sale on a UK site called wholesaleclearance.co.uk. They want £1,000 for it, but the seller does say that 'We can’t confirm whether this is the exact banner as seen at Old Trafford'.

Our advice is keep your money in your pocket.