Which football club sells the most jerseys per year? 8 years ago

Which football club sells the most jerseys per year?

Taken from a period between 2009/10 to 2013/14 here is a table of the top ten clubs according to shirt sales per season.

You could almost guess the first few, but guessing the order in which they are in is perhaps the challenge right here. Anyway, the BBC produced this table and it makes for interesting reading:



English clubs dominate the top ten with four clubs while Spain and France have two each, followed by Italy plus Germany with one each. There's a sizeable gap between Liverpool in 7th and Marseille in 8th and based on these figures it shows that the kit market is a highly lucrative one for the big kit manufacturers.

Nike and Adidas are the big players here kitting out five and four clubs respectively whereas Liverpool are the only club in the top ten not to be kitted out by either of them. They, of course, are signed up with Warrior.