Woman kept every text since 1999  10 years ago

Woman kept every text since 1999

Ever worry that your ex might be holding on to some unsavoury texts you may have sent in a drunken state? Well worry now.

A woman who is a self confessed ‘text maniac’ has kept every single one of the 100,000 texts she’s received since the dawn of the new millennium. Well, every single text apart from the single one she deleted when she got her first mobile phone. She vowed it would be the only text she’d ever delete.


Artist Tracey Moberly, 47, says she can document her life through the texts including the breakdown of her marriage and a sobering connection she had with her father after he died.

Now, you might be wondering what type of phone holds 100,000 messages. Well, Tracey stored the texts in several phones she’s been using since 1999. When the phones ran out of space, Tracey started to write the texts down in 30 journals.

'Some people think I'm obsessive, writing down every message I receive, but I love looking back at old messages.

'I'm lucky that I can go back to reading those messages any time I want.'


Tracey is releasing a book called Text-Me-Up!, containing all the texts, which feature messages from some ‘celebrities’ including Howard Marks (Mr. Nice – the nicest drug dealer around back in the day, apparently), Pete Doherty and Banksy.

So, be careful what messages you send on your next drunken adventure. It might come back to bite you in the ass, in the form of a £20 book.