Woman receives death threats after posing naked inside dead horse 11 years ago

Woman receives death threats after posing naked inside dead horse

A couple from Oregon have received death threats after images of a naked woman posing inside a dead horse went viral.

Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Frost were looking after a 32-year old horse in declining health when they decided to put it down in the most ‘humane’ way they could think of.


The two put the horse down with a single bullet from a high calibre rifle. However, that wasn’t enough for the pair and what they did next has caused “extreme emotional reactions” and even threats against their lives.

After gutting the dead horse, Jasha stripped completely naked, climbed inside the carcass and then took some very disturbing photos. After the photos went viral, the pair received a lot of criticism, which lead to a police investigation for animal cruelty.

In one photo, only Jasha's head can be seen poking through the carcass with a wry smile on her face. In another you can see Jasha standing, fully naked, covered in the animals blood, while half of her hair is completely red after soaking up a lot of blood.

Why did they kill, disembowel, take photos inside the carcass and finally eat the horse? Well, to feel "one with the horse" and nature, according to The Huffington Post.


However sick the whole scenario may seem, the police had some interesting things to say about it.

"The fact that this woman crawled into the horse between killing and eating does not constitute a crime," Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson told The Huffington Post.

"If they had killed the horse just for the purpose of taking the photographs, then we would have had a case for animal cruelty," he added

WARNING: The images of Ms Lottin naked inside the horse carcass, on Imgur, are extremely disturbing and are NSFW.


Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the names of the woman photographed inside the horse carcass and her boyfriend. The woman's name is Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend's name is John Frost, according to police records.