Worries over Jedward and Eurovision - report 10 years ago

Worries over Jedward and Eurovision - report

John Grimes, the J in Jedward, is at risk of missing the Eurovision Song Contest after developing problems with his voice.

The Jedward twin made an emergency visit to hospital on Friday amid fears that he may need surgery, according to a report on the front page of the Irish Daily Star.


Rather than the usual problem relating to both of the Jedward lads (i.e. they're not the best at holding a note), this time the problem relates to John developing nodules (little lumps of throat tissue) on his vocal cords.

John has been a little hoarse recently, and this has been playing havoc with their preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in May. The Star reports that he may now need surgery.

He has been advised to shut up and let his brother do the talking so that throat can heal, but the chatty 19-year-old is likely to find this very challenging.

"He's had a recurring problem with hoarseness but in recent days he could hardly talk at all," a spokesman said.

"We brought him to the doctor who referred him to a specialist in the Eye and Ear Hospital.

"Basically we're going to try medication, voice therapy and exercises to avoid surgery because otherwise he'd be out for six weeks."

Jedward won the competition to represent Ireland this year with Lipstick - a song about lipstick - following a national vote.