Yesterday's Bank of Ireland glitch exploited 7 years ago

Yesterday's Bank of Ireland glitch exploited

Bank of Ireland suffered a technical problem yesterday, affecting their online and telephone services and computer operating systems.

Following a BOI glitch, over one million people lost access to internet banking and ATM services, while some withdrew more money than they had in their accounts.

“When our systems go offline as they did, we can't see people's balances and they can't see their balance so we take a decision to make a certain amount of cash available to customers,” Bank of Ireand spokeswoman Mary Brennan confirmed.

“So some customers were able to obtain money from the ATM that they did not have in their account. We took a decision to allow some flexibility to our customers . It has been exploited by a minority of people."


Any money taken in excess of accounts will have to be paid back, Bank of Ireland have confirmed.

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