WATCH: This Irishman's response to being put on hold is sure to brighten up your weekend 1 year ago

WATCH: This Irishman's response to being put on hold is sure to brighten up your weekend

One man and his dog.

It's thrown in the drawer for most of the year and when it's not needed, it's forgotten about completely. You book holidays at your ease of course but how often do you look at your passport to actually see is it in date?

Disaster strikes when you realise that it's been out of date since last year and you have just booked a week away in Ibiza with the lads for some fun in the sun.

Your first port of call is to ring the passport office in the hope that they can sort you out pronto but as you dial the digits and hear the line ring, you're put on hold.

Did you really think you were the only person in the whole country who had booked a holiday on the hop and only realised after that their passport was useless to them?

You reminisce about the good old days where you could head down to the passport office and get it sorted without the hassle of having to play the waiting game.

You could take your chances and go on to the passport website but sure look, you're on the phone now and there's no point turning back.


As the awful music comes on, you wish you had whipped out the laptop instead. You have two options, cancel the phone call and try again later or embrace the on-hold music.

This Irishman has found the perfect way to spend those painful minutes on hold listening to the most seductive and cringiest music known to man.

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