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17th Jun 2022

Circle K has expanded its food range with some mouth-watering additions


Brought to you by Circle K

Get in my belly.

We’ve all been on the road when the hunger hits, but what do you do?

Tough it out? Pull in to a restaurant and waste more time on your journey? Or simply pull into a forecourt and hope they’ve something that will hit the spot?

Thankfully for anyone on the go, Circle K has introduced some tasty new items to its menu which should make hunger pains on the road a thing of the past. So while you refuel your car during a pitstop, you and your family or friends can drool (sorry) over the food options.

Circle K has introduced three limited-edition burgers to its delicious deli range, making it easier than ever for people to flavour their journey and pick up a quality meal on the go this summer.

The new burgers joining Circle K’s deli range (excluding Circle K Express) for a limited time are:

  • Beef burger on a soft brioche bun with crispy beer battered onion rings, streaky bacon and cheese
  • Korean BBQ chicken fillet burger made with Circle K crispy breaded chicken fillet, loaded with crispy onions and dripping in new Korean BBQ sauce
  • Beef burger on a soft brioche bun with streaky bacon and cheese

In celebration of National Burger Day on Thursday, 23 June, for one day only, customers can pick up one of the delicious, limited-edition burgers with a FREE bottle of water or can of Coca Cola.

And who knows, you may even love these succulent burgers so much that you vote Circle K number one in the National Burger Day public vote.

That’s not all… if you’re looking for something a little sweeter after you’ve finished chowing down on your burger, why not grab some cold treats?

Circle K also offers its refreshing K-Freeze range, and has expanded its premium ice-cream range to ensure that you can keep cool while on the move.

Coming in flavours such as Coca-Cola, Sour Apple (exclusive to Circle K), Fanta Blue Raspberry and Fanta Strawberry, the delicious K-Freeze is perfect for drinking on the go and is available in all Circle K stores nationwide, excluding Circle K Express.

But if the more traditional ice-cream is your flavour of the day, there’s also a huge amount of choice available, including soft serve ice cream, scoop ice cream, sundaes and 99s. Ranging in flavours from Bourbon Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Bubblegum, and toppings including Mini Marshmallows, Oreo, Shortcake Biscuit Crumble and Cadbury Crunchie, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget to Summer Stop at Circle K and try the delicious limited-edition burger range! To vote for Circle K for National Burger Day, click here.

Brought to you by Circle K