App-reciation: Pocket 8 years ago

App-reciation: Pocket

As an entrepreneur, it’s part of your DNA that you have great ideas. It’s these ideas that bring you new business opportunities, or sometimes the ticket to that overnight success story.

Whether out and about, or sitting on the commute home, chances are you’re also going to be inspired by the world around you. From the world around you, to an article on your iPad, sometimes you need to take a note to review later.


Enter Pocket, the bookmarking app which can save all types of content – from an article to a work report – to all your electronic devices.

The idea simply means that when you want to save something to see later, you put it in your Pocket, and view it whether you’re on or offline.

The app also allows you to save as much as you want, and will later highlight the best and most relevant content trails in your list.



The app is free to download, and is available on iTunes and Google Android.

For more information on iOS downloads, visit here
For more information on Google Android downloads, visit here

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