App-reciation: RescueTime 9 years ago

App-reciation: RescueTime

Calling all procrastinators, it’s time to download the RescueTime app...

The app can track the time you’re whiling away on websites and applications, can help you set goals to reduce the time you spend dawdling on Facebook and will send you a weekly email report updating you on your progress from the week before.



It might seem a little extreme, but we bet you’ll find you’ve more time for productivity, or prepping for that networking lunch. We apologise in advance for the drop in your Simpsons: Tapped Out high-score.

The app comes in two packages – free for those who are starting out and just looking for the basics – or RescueTime premium, from $9 per month.

For more information on the RescueTime app:

  • visit their website here
  • or the android store here

Images via Google Android Store