App-reciation: Set And Achieve Your Goals With WinStreak 9 years ago

App-reciation: Set And Achieve Your Goals With WinStreak

Chances are if you’re an entrepreneur you’re pretty motivated and willing to get-up and go. From dreaming big to starting out as your own boss, it’s healthy and normal to want to set standards for your own productivity.

That’s where WinStreak may come in handy. No, this has nothing to do with Marty Whelan.


The WinStreak app is all about promoting a positive mental attitude in your work day.

At the end of each day, the user is encouraged to record their biggest ‘wins’, and set their goals for tomorrow. The idea is simple – even if you have a small setback or obstacle to overcome, you know you’ll always have something to celebrate.

The app also aims to maximise productivity and kick-start your motivation – which if you’re getting a daily pat on the back you really will start feeling the benefits!



It’s like the glass-half full analogy in an app – sure to set you on a WinStreak.

To download Winstreak:

Click here for iOS

Click here for Google Play