Working in the future: AR glasses will 'replace screens and move us out of offices' 2 years ago

Working in the future: AR glasses will 'replace screens and move us out of offices'

An office without screens, or maybe no office at all – it might sound strange but this could be how we work in the decades to come.

Computer monitors and TV screens will soon be swapped for AR glasses at work, according to Irish VC investor Brian Caulfield.


A tech fanatic with an eye on the future, Brian believes the way we work is set to be completely transformed.

"Augmented reality glasses will enable us to project the image of a video screen directly into the eye," he predicted on this week's episode of All In.

"You won’t need a monitor, you know, you put on your magic leap glasses and a screen is there in front of you. It’s absolutely perfect, it’s as big or as small as you want it to be. Not only that, but a keyboard is being projected into your eye as well."

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This transformation will have big implications for business, Brian continued, including a shift away from offices and physical meet-ups altogether.

"You can now literally work anywhere, you know, with no equipment because everything is in the cloud. We’re already much less place-dependent from a work perspective — that’s going to become even more extreme.

"The other thing that augmented reality will enable us to do is literally put people in a room together, even though they’re thousands of miles apart, you know?

"It’s a huge leap beyond existing video conferencing technology, so, when you think about what that’s going to mean, you know, should we short airlines for example, you know, is that the way to play this trend from an economic perspective?"


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